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Winter Sports Events

City Biathlon Photo © OK Ski-Weltcup Garmisch

City Biathlon

Known for its 'typically Garmisch' spirit, the event takes place annually in the last week of December directly in the Garmisch City Centre - as far as the temperature allows.

Just within one day the pedestrian zone is transformed into a small biathlon arena. The 500 meters' long running track requires 40 tons of snow. Entrance is free!

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 New Year's Ski Jumping Photo © OK Neujahrsskispringen e.V. - Ingo Jensen

New Year's Ski Jumping

Nowadays a part of the famous Four Hills Tournament, the New Year's Ski Jumping has been a must-see of the winter holiday week in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for almost 100 years.

The Four Hills Tournament belongs to the most prestigious ski jumping competitions worldwide, along with the Olympic Games, Ski Jumping World Cup and the Nordic Ski World Championships.

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Gudiberg Night Slalom Photo © OK Ski-Weltcup Garmisch

Gudiberg Night Slalom

The Gudiberg slalom racing track is located next to the Olympic ski jumping hill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This is one of the steepest and challenging slalom runs in the Alpine World Cup. The run is only 655 meters long, which makes it possible for the spectators to keep the whole track in view, from start to finish.

Experience this fast-paced event where the athletes' running time is just 1 minute per round.

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Kandahar Ski Race Photo © OK Ski-Weltcup Garmisch

Kandahar Ski Race

The Arlberg-Kandahar (AK) Ski Race, also known as the Audi FIS Ski World Cup, takes place in February on the Kandahar ski run in the Garmisch-Classic Ski Area. The Kandahar run is considered to be one of the most demanding tracks in the alpine ski world championships.

The Kandahar run owes its name to the English army commander Frederick ‚Earl of Kandahar‘ Roberts, that won the trophy during the first classic downhill race in 1911 - the British Kandahar Ski Club, that organized the first Arlberg-Kandahar Ski Race events, bore his name.

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Partenkirchen Horn Sled Race

Partenkirchen Horn Sled Race

For over 50 years the Partenkirchen Horn Sled Race takes place on January 6 (the Three Wise Men holiday in the German tradition) on the downhill track from the Partnachalm Chalet to the Ski Stadium.

The race that started as a private bet now attracts fans from many countries and has become a highlight of the local sports and cultural landscape by itself.

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Ice Hockey Photo © SC Riessersee

Ice Hockey

Founded in Garmisch in 1920, the Riessersee Sports Club is known primarily for its ice hockey team that won 10 German championships between 1927 and 1981.

The team is based at the Olympia-Eissport-Zentrum arena in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Along with ice hockey, the ice stadium hosts other ice sports events as well.

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Other Winter Events

Other Winter Events

Beside the above, there are many other events in the neighborhood you can visit or take part in. Be it guided tours or cultural highlights, winter time is rich in events and activities.

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