Commitment to Nature

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We have developed a very special relationship with nature and the environment in our fantastic location surrounded by meadows and forests with the most beautiful peaks of the German Alps – including Mount Zugspitze – as a backdrop.

We live with and in the nature, and we spend lots of time in our mountains in every season. For these reasons, we find it extremely important to contribute to preserving our environment and resources.


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Certified Green Hotel

Since 2016 the Hotel am Badersee holds a Certified Green Hotel certificate. In our company, responsible and sustainable approach to resources consumption is equaled with a fair approach to staff and supplier relationships. The „Certified Green Hotel“ certification catalogue includes 70 criteria in categories like Energy, Water, Waste, Food & Drink, Mobility, Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as Information & Management. Based on the guest votes, the Hotel am Badersee became the best CERTIFIED Green Hotel in Germany and got the 1st place at the CERTIFIED Star Award 2022 ceremony.

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Join us to preserve the alpine nature!

Our employees are trained for responsible use of resources and environmental awareness in their daily work. Please support our efforts to preserve our beautiful region.

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  • The majority of the electricity we use is generated by a gas-fired cogeneration power plant (CHP). This significantly reduces the amount of power we need from external utilities.
  • We also use heat recovery systems throughout the hotel. For example, the vents in bathrooms are connected to such systems so that the warm air can be recovered instead of simply releasing it outside in the winter.
  • All rooms have master switches so that no electricity is wasted when guests leave the room. In addition to that, we are no longer using minibars in guest rooms. Instead of that, guest can purchase cooled drinks in our vending machines.
  • Waste separation bins are also found in every room so that guests can do their part by already separating paper and non-recyclable waste in their room.
  • We ask conference organizers to include the disposal of any excess packaging in the planning of their event.
  • We already keep packaging to an absolute minimum in our delicious breakfast buffet to reduce unnecessary waste.
  • In nearly all areas – especially throughout our entire Landhaus – we exclusively use warm light LEDs and energy-saving halogen bulbs.
  • We stopped using plastic drinking straws in our bar as well as in our restaurants.
  • To help reduce the fine dust loads in the area and support the wild nature next to the hotel, we gave up our traditional fireworks.

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Become the Hero of the Alps!

Help us keep our sustainability promise.

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Opt now for a voluntary cancellation of your daily room cleaning.

To clean one guest room, we need 7,5 liters water, and 5 minutes vacuuming requires about 0.07 kWh power. In addition, the new coronavirus hygiene regulations lead to enormous overconsumption of plastic (one-way gloves, garbage bags).

Cost savings from room cleaning will be donated to the Bergwacht Grainau - the local mountain rescue and nature conservation guard. Bergwacht Grainau takes care about our security on alpine tours and works hard to preserve nature in our region. Contributors at the Bergwacht are mostly volunteers and they sometimes have to risk their lives during rescue operations. We believe that this remarkable effort needs our support. In 2020 our guests raised 2.488,79 € for the Bergwacht!

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The future belongs to e-mobility. This is an irrefutable fact, which is the reason research and the automotive industry are driving this trend. We also have a special offer for our guests who are already e-mobile now or who would like to give it a spin.

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  • In addition to our fleet of mountain bikes, we offer e-mountain bikes for our guests to rent and try out for themselves. Please note that e-mountain bikes are upon request and need to be ordered in advance. This offer is valid in the summer season (from spring to early autumn).
  • We have two charging stations for e-bikes where we can charge four bikes simultaneously and we are there to assist if you bring your own e-bike.
  • We offer our hotel and restaurant guests three charging stations with a total of 5 outlets for electric cars. These stations are public and can be used by other drivers of electric vehicles as well. We also support initiatives for public charging stations, like or Our charging stations deliver 100% sustainable power from our local water power plant.

Our chargers:

Location: Parking lot next to the hotel entrance
Charging stations: 2 x Mennekes Amedio 22
Outlets: 4 x Typ 2 AC
Charging power: 4 x 22 kW

Location: Underground parking lot
Charging stations
: 1 x Mennekes Amtron
Outlets: 1 x Typ 2 AC
Charging power: 1 x 22 kW

Roaming provider:
Direct payment: Credit card via App

Learn more on our chargers (in German)

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Help keep our mountains clean

'Respect the nature and leave no trace' - this rule applies to everyone in high alpine terrain. Please always take your waste with you and dispose of it in the valley using a designated waste container.

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This applies in the first turn to dog owners. Don't leave your pet's excrements lie in the mountain forest. It is typical for animals to consume each other's waste. Dog feces contain substances that don't occur in natural environments. For those reasons, they are poisonous for animals (especially for cows and calves) and wild plants, and they also destroy the natural alpine ecosystem in the long term. It is absolutely necessary to take the dog waste bag down to the valley. Beside that, please keep your dog leashed. Dogs are not allowed to run through the forest alone as this would disturb the wild animals and the cattle grazing on the alpine 'Alms' (hint: Read our guide before visiting any of the alpine chalets in the area!). 

We are only guests in the mountains. Please help us preserve the beautiful nature of the Alps!
Everyone is happy to enjoy clean environment and intact nature on their tours.

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