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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: Ski Tour to Stuibenhütte Chalet & Avalanche Rescue Training

This ski tour is a popular easy winter hike in the Garmisch Classic ski area. It's a perfect tour for beginners, and you can go this route on snowshoes as well. A visit to the Stuibenhütte can also be combined with a day on the slopes in the Garmisch Classic ski area or with longer winter hikes.

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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: Ski Mountaineering on Mount Wank

Along with hiking, family outings and public celebrations in summer and in winter, Mount Wank is a ski mountaineering destination during the winter season. Due to a relatively low avalanche danger, amazing panoramic views, a picturesque downhill slope and cozy chalets, a winter hike to Mount Wank is worth the effort. This tour is classified as 'moderate' with approx. 1100 vertical meters.

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The Alps 'For Dummies': Safety in Alpine Terrain for Beginners in Winter

This article was written in cooperation with the Mountain Rescue Service of Grainau (Bergwacht Grainau).

Winter attracts millions of tourists and winter sports enthusiasts to the Bavarian Alps. The snow builds the foundation for a unique alpine winter experience in the Zugspitze area. Here a few safety tips for those who spend their winter holiday on the slopes, as well as off-piste with ski mountaineering or snowshoeing.

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Day Trip: Ski Tour to Mount Scheinberg (1929 m)

Mount Scheinbergspitze, or simply Scheinberg, is located in the Ammergau Alps between Plansee and Oberammergau. This route is rated among the most avalanche-safe ski mountaineering classics in Bavaria. With some 1000 vertical meters and 3 hours of ascent, the tour is classified as 'moderate'.

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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: Winter Tours in Garmisch-Classic Ski Area

The lockdown back in 2020/21 has led to a new boom in skimo mountaineering. Ski lifts and cablecars were closed, so many skiers switched to ski mountaineering and discovered this trendy winter sport. The Garmisch Classic ski area in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a perfect entry point for those who want to try ski tours in a safe and uncomplicated way. Even if the ski area is a bit crowded.

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