A Perfect Holiday In Grainau: Häselgehr Waterfall By Bike

 // by Sonja Wilms
A Perfect Holiday In Grainau: Häselgehr Waterfall By Bike
Tuesday, 08 February 2022

A friend is coming to visit, so a bike tour would be a great option for a day trip. We need a nice route with some 40 kilometres. The Häselgehr waterfall near Ehrwald would be a perfect match for the occasion. This relatively even route would let anyone enjoy a relaxed bike ride.

11:00 am: We start from the Hotel am Badersee by bike. First, we ride down the Eibseestraße and later the Loisachstraße until we reach the B2 road. After crossing the road, we go down to the parking lot next to the Loisach river.  Here we cross the river over the bridge and then take the route to the left that goes parallel to the river. This is a nice shady path, in addition, it lets you enjoy the quiet due to some distance from the traffic on the main road. We follow the route until we reach the point where the highway crosses the Loisach river. Here we take the pass under the bridge, and on the other side we push our bikes up the steps. Next, the bike trail runs parallel to the highway, while the Loisach continues on the left.

badersee blog radausflug haeselgehr wasserfall 01

11:30 am: We now reach Griesen, the last settlement before the Austrian border. From here, you can take a spectacular bike route to Lake Plansee in Austria. This time, however, we continue on the trail straight ahead in the direction of Ehrwald. As the route takes us further away from the main road, the noise of cars is no longer that loud.

badersee blog radausflug haeselgehr wasserfall 03

12:00 pm: After crossing the Loisach river once again and passing a wooden bridge, we have reached the Häselgehr waterfall. The tour was 19 km long. We park the bicycles at the railing and immediately get impressed by the enormous power of the waterfall, which plunges from about 61 m height and carries its waters into the Loisach River.

badersee blog radausflug haeselgehr wasserfall 08

Except for a couple of daredevil climbers, who are abseiling from the waterfall on a rope, the whole place looks pretty deserted. However, this is even better for us: we take a nice spot and stretch our limbs, enjoying the amazing view. A shower in the waterfall could be an option, but the water is quite cool. So we choose to cool off our feet a bit. The atmosphere at the waterfall is extremely relaxing and we could spend hours here, if it wasn't for the empty stomach that slowly starts calling out for a meal.

badersee blog radausflug haeselgehr wasserfall 10

12:40 pm: After this delightful break at the waterfall, we give way to our hunger and mount our bikes again. We briefly consider whether it makes sense to go to Ehrwald or Lermoos to and make a stop there. However, there is a danger that we get so full afterwards, that we would only be able to go back by train. So we decide to return to Grainau.

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1:40 pm: The return trip is easier, as the route goes slightly downhill all the time. Once back in Grainau, we treat ourselves to a hearty meal - which we have definitely deserved for today with our great ride.

Tips & Infos:

  • Total route length: approx. 38-40 km
  • Mostly on asphalt or gravel roads
  • Trekking bike or e-bike recommended, depending on your fitness level (no steep sections on the route)
  • MTBs and e-bikes available for rent at the Hotel am Badersee
  • The kiosk in Griesen offers drinks and snacks
  • Instead of going back by bike, you can take a train from Lermoos (Tyrol) to Grainau (station Untergrainau)
  • The rest area at the waterfall is relatively small, but there are few visitors. Please make sure not to leave any garbage.

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