The Alpine Village of Grainau

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Take a walk through the Zugpitze Village of Grainau (elevation 758 m) and enjoy the typical architecture of a mountain village in Upper Bavaria.

Don't forget the postcard theme #1: the cemetry of Grainau with its picturesque church and the Waxensteins and Mount Zugspitze in the background. Your will discover a huge number of leisure opportunities in the immediate proximity of our alpine hideaway village. 

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Höhenrainweg – the first step to discover Grainau!

You will just need one hour to walk around the Höhenrainweg scenic trail in Grainau, that offers an altitude difference of only 88 meters over a 5 km trek. The trail is snow-free in winter, it is family, stroller and wheelchair friendly, and counts as a Nordic Walking trail as well!

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Hell Valley Gorge – wild and romantic

The picturesque Hell Valley Gorge (Höllentalklamm) is worth visiting in the summer months. The impressive trek along the waters of the Hammersbach torrent starts at the Entrance Cabin of the gorge (Höllentaleingangshütte), it is around 700 m long and shows you whitewater canyons up to 150 meters in depth. Before you go, check that the gorge is open and take waterproof / warm clothes with you. Hiking boots are required. It makes sense to safeguard children with carabiners. Bulky items like strollers, push chairs or bikes of any kind are not allowed.

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So high, so close - the Zugspitze

The trip to Germany's highest summit Zugspitze, Grainau's very own mountain, is an absolute 'must do' for every visitor in Garmisch-Partenkirchen area. You can take the historic cogwheel train Zugspitzbahn directly in Grainau – or the top-modern cablecar Seilbahn Zugspitze that starts from the Eibsee parking lot. Each of the two cablecar cabins hosts up to 120 people, together they carry up to 580 people per hour to the summit. 

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The Seilbahn Zugspitze sets 3 world records: it features the biggest difference in altitude between the hill and valley stations in a single section (1.945 meters), the worldwide longest cable span of 3.213 meters, as well as the worldwide highest steel support pillar. 

From Mount Zugspitze you get a tremendous view over four countries - and lots of sun on most days. Don't forget to put on a good layer of sun screen. The special highlight on the Zugspitze is the Iglu Village that offers overnight stay and an Igloo Bar with fine drinks and cheese fondue at the elevation of 2600 meters.

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Eibsee Round Tour

The Eibsee is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany - so the Eibsee Round tour belongs to the 'must do's' as well. You will need hiking boots and 2-3 hours of your time for this tour. Alternatively, you can take a ride with the motor boat “Reserl” in one direction - it stops at the midpoint so you would make your tour shorter. The rocks on the south shore offer excellent bathing opportunities in summer. Paddlers can rent a boat or a stand paddle at the Eibsee Bootsverleih rent-a-boat station.


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Zugspitz Aquatic Center in Grainau

On hot summer days visit the Zugspitz Aquatic Center - a little paradise in the middle of Grainau where you can soak up the mountain air and awesome alpine scenery while swimming or simply relaxing. It offers just the right thing for every visitor, be they young or old, alone or a whole family or group. Come and see for yourself!


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Events in Grainau

The Zugspitze Village of Grainau offers many opportunities to explore the local culture, traditions and history at any time of the year. Be it looking for Easter eggs with your kids, enjoying Bavarian folk music in an open air concert, celebrating solstice by a mountain fire on St.John's Eve or greeting the spirit of Christmas with candied almonds at a stall in a 'Christkindlmarkt' – just be there to observe the everyday life of an alpine village!

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