Corona Compliance For Your Event

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Best possible service for our event guests!

Even in the times of coronavirus we offer our top class meeting service and provide for flawless implementation of the official regulations.

Dear guest,

Thank you for your interest in our meeting service, we would be happy to welcome you in our house!

Coronavirus hit hard on the meeting and event industry, leading to chaos in no time. As a Certified Conference Hotel and member of the Top 250 Tagungshotels project, at this time we are concerned to extend our - already very high - hygiene standards with professional support in order to meet the currently officially prescribed security and hygiene standards. That way, we can offer you and your event participants the best possible service, minimize risks for your guests and employees, and make your meeting more secure.

COVID-19 UPDATE 29.10.2020


Dear guest,

Following the decision of the German Federal Government from 28.10.2020, we are regrettably requested to close our hotel from 02.11.2020 until further notice. Our MICE Team will be available for your information requests and bookings in business hours Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm CET during the closing period.

We are grateful in advance for your future support in the difficult times coming for all of us. We wish you, your family and friends, as well as your employees and colleagues to stay healthy.

Your Hotel am Badersee Team

Below you will find comprehensive info regarding the hygiene measures, corona-compliant meeting spaces, services available to event participants, as well as common regulations at the Hotel am Badersee.

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Hygiene Concept

In cooperation with our partner OPTIMA, we have developed a comprehensive hygiene concept. Its goal is to integrate measures for maximum protection of our guests and team members into our daily business routine. The key point is to avoid droplet and smear infections at any point inside the hotel campus. The Hotel am Badersee now meets every requirement of OPTIMA hygiene standard.

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Certified Hotels with an Exit Strategy

As a member of, we take part in the recent project 'Certified-Hotels mit Exit-Strategie' (Certified Hotels with an Exit Strategy). Based on a poll conducted with 7.848 Travel and Event Managers, as well as bookers of business travel and meetings, has developed an 'exit strategy' concept in cooperation with representatives of the hotel industry. The concept can be executed immediately on hotel opening to provide for more trust and safety for hotel guests and customers. The Hotel am Badersee meets all criteria listed in the concept.

To the concept (in German)


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Arrival & Check-In

  • Should your event participants show common cold symptoms before arrival, please contact the hotel by phone or email to cancel their reservation.
  • The hotel only can be accessed through the main entrance or from the underground parking lot.

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  • Our reception staff is trained to look out for possible COVID-19 symptoms at check-in. In doubt, you will be requested to undergo contactless fever measurement. Should the result be positive, the event participant is not allowed to enter the building, as a protective measure for other guests and hotel staff. Should the event participant oppose themselves to fever measurement, the hotel reserves the right to prohibit this person from entering the building.

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In The Room

  • Each event guest should use a separate room. The only exception is when the guests belong to the same household.
  • The room has been desinfected before your arrival. Objects and materials that cannot be washed or desinfected have been removed from the room.
  • Please mind the infos regarding the current COVID-19 regulations available in hard copy in each room.

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Meeting Spaces & Number of Participants

  • According to the new regulations from 15.07.2020, groups up to 10 people can sit together, whereas within bigger groups 1.5 m social distance is still required between smaller groups of up to 10 people.  

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  • All meeting spaces can be arranged flexibly again, as long as the '10 people rule' is respected. Here a few examples: In a group of 20 participants 10 people can sit together at 5 tables, they should then keep the 1.5 m distance to the second group of 10 people. In the circle format, we are allowed to place 10 chairs at normal distance, then make a 1.5 m distance to the next 10 chairs. The same applies to any other room set-up. However, participants should still keep the same seat during the whole event. Our MICE Team is there to assist.
  • For hygiene reasons, we had to remove the presentation case with pens and notepads from all meeting rooms. Presenters can get the necessary material at the MICE Office. You are also requested to bring the material back to the MICE Office after the event to get it desinfected.
  • Some spaces have more than two doors. Those are marked as 'Entrance' and 'Exit'.
  • Each event space is now equipped with hand desinfection.
  • Our team will air the meeting room before and after the event. The participants take care to air the premises regularly during the breaks.
  • The hotel team will desinfect the meeting room before and after the event.
  • Our Conference Atrium provides small work areas at a distance of 1.5 m. Please respect the '10 people rule' here as well. We kindly ask you not to move the furniture in the Atrium. Also, please take care and stay alert - it would be sad if we have to go back to the old restrictions again.

Corona Compliance: Event Spaces

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Meals & Restaurant

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner take place at the Werdenfels Restaurant. Reserved tables at 1.5 m distance are available for event participants.
  • All meals are arranged in buffet form as usual. However, self service is not allowed. You can choose what you like, and our kitchen team will serve your choice on your plate. 

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  • Floor marks help you around the buffet.
  • To avoid long waiting times at the buffet, meals will be scheduled depending of the current number of event participants. Event organisers and presenters take care of their teams to respect the scheduled meal times.
  • Morning coffee break takes place in the seminar room. We will bring drinks and pre-packaged snacks to your meeting room.
  • Afternoon coffee break takes place at the Werdenfels Restaurant. Those will be scheduled depending of the current number of event participants. Event organisers and presenters take care of their teams to respect the scheduled coffee break times.

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Public Spaces: Corridors, Lobby & Elevators

  • Please access the hotel through the main entrance or the underground parking lot.
  • Floor marks in public spaces enable guests to avoid ongoing traffic or meet it at maximum distance.
  • Event participants and presenters are requested to wear a face mask in public spaces at all time.
  • Each entrance is equipped with a hand desinfection stand.
  • We kindly request you not to form bigger groups inside the building.
  • The elevators are to be used by only one person at a time, unless the event participants belong to the same household and share one room.


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Public Lavatories

  • In public lavatories all guests and hotel staff are requested to wear a face mask. The lavatories are equipped with soap, hand desinfection and paper towels.
  • Contact surfaces (door handles, sinks, soap dispensers) are desinfected on an hourly basis.
  • Depending on the size, some lavatories can only be accessed by one person at a time.
  • To avoid queues at the lavatories, we recommend you to use your own bathroom in your guest room.

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Feel sick?

  • If you feel sick during the event, primarily fever or coughing, please inform the reception desk by phone and stay in your room. 
  • The hotel staff contacts the local health services and takes care of the next steps.


Should you have questions or need to plan a corona-compliant event, our MICE Team is there to advise.

Corona Compliance: Event Spaces