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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: Kramerplateauweg

What makes a perfect holiday? Taking into account the impressive choice of outdoor activities in our holiday region Grainau, it is sometimes not that easy to make a choice. In the first turn it is important who you are traveling with. This time my mother is there - 72 years old, an enthusiastic hiker as long as the trail is not so steep. It should be a trail that we can start directly from the hotel and preferably classified as 'easy'. After a brief search we decide to spend our day tomorrow on the Kramer Plateau Trail (in German 'Kramerplateauweg').

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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: 10 Easy Routes With Panoramic Views

Mountaineering is not for everyone. Only the toughest have the endurance to walk uphill for hours. However, hiking should bring joy and make you happy, instead of being a prolongued torture making you unable to enjoy the day out in the nature. The Bavarian Alps in our area offer lots of opportunities to experience the mountains along light routes, enjoying great views and fascinating encounters with nature. Try out hiking with joy.

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