A Fairytale for That Best Day

 // by Sonja Wilms
A Fairytale for That Best Day
Thursday, 23 July 2020

Once upon a time the Bavarian King Ludwig II came to Lake Badersee. He was so enthusiastic about the place that he wanted to build a castle here. Everyone who has heard about Kind Ludwig II would admit that he was very romantic by nature and chose the very best places for his fairytale castles.

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Luckily, however, instead of the fairytale castle our Hotel am Badersee came into being, and it was from the very start an amazing location for parties and celebrations with a magical flair that you can experience up to this day. And on the day when Luana & Holger celebrated their best day here at Lake Badersee, this magic was in the air as well!

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In these photos, that we don’t want to withhold from you, the photographer Marinus Thrainer from kiwi-film was able to capture how their inner love for each other gets merged with this romantic place.

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Wedding arrangements belong to the most enjoyable tasks our hotel team has to cope with. With lots of engagement and passion we support you from your very first request. Prepare this most romantic day together with the future couple, fulfill their wishes, feel their joy and love – all that encourages us to do our best to let the two always keep the best memories about That Best Day.

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We wish Luana & Holger all the best on their joint way and thank Marinus Thrainer from kiwi-film for the amazing photos.


Thank you Luana, Holger and Marinus!
Copyright Photos: KIWI-FILM & PHOTOGRAPHIE  - kiwi-film.de



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