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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: Sunrise on Mount Zugspitze

A sunrise has something magical about it - perhaps that ability to provoke delight in the heart of every photographer and nature lover. On holiday, you would mostly watch a sunrise at the seaside. Sunrise watching in the mountains is quite a rare opportunity, since you normally have to climb the summit on foot in the dark, or even spend a night high in the mountains. Here in Grainau you can watch a sunrise on Mount Zugspitze without any effort - a great offer for sunrise fans.

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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: Ski Tour to Stuibenhütte Chalet & Avalanche Rescue Training

This ski tour is a popular easy winter hike in the Garmisch Classic ski area. It's a perfect tour for beginners, and you can go this route on snowshoes as well. A visit to the Stuibenhütte can also be combined with a day on the slopes in the Garmisch Classic ski area or with longer winter hikes.

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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: Ski Mountaineering on Mount Wank

Along with hiking, family outings and public celebrations in summer and in winter, Mount Wank is a ski mountaineering destination during the winter season. Due to a relatively low avalanche danger, amazing panoramic views, a picturesque downhill slope and cozy chalets, a winter hike to Mount Wank is worth the effort. This tour is classified as 'moderate' with approx. 1100 vertical meters.

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A Perfect Holiday in Grainau: Tobogganing on Mount Zugspitze

You can experience the ultimate snow fun on the slopes without even having to put on your skis or snowboard on. How? Try out the toboggan runs on Mount Zugspitze. That's exactly what we plan to do today.

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Grainau Winter in Film

What does it look like, a perfect winter holiday? A video is worth a thousand words.

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The Alps 'For Dummies': Safety in Alpine Terrain for Beginners in Winter

This article was written in cooperation with the Mountain Rescue Service of Grainau (Bergwacht Grainau).

Winter attracts millions of tourists and winter sports enthusiasts to the Bavarian Alps. The snow builds the foundation for a unique alpine winter experience in the Zugspitze area. Here a few safety tips for those who spend their winter holiday on the slopes, as well as off-piste with ski mountaineering or snowshoeing.

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