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Work in one of the most picturesque locations in Europe, with a breathtaking view of Germany's highest peak, Mount Zugspitze, in the amazing Loisach Valley? Go ahead and join us at the Hotel am Badersee.


Hotel am Badersee - Feste Feiern

Team member advantages

Beside the amazing location with infinite leisure opportunities, here at the historical Lake Badersee you will meet a great team, a harmonious work atmosphere and fair working hours. As a Certified Green Hotel, we focus on responsibility and sustainability, not only with resources, but also in our employee and supplier relations.

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  • Above average compensation
  • Vacation pay and Christmas bonus depending on employment duration
  • 5 days' week
  • Full-time or part-time employment / flexible employment models
  • Electronic work time tracking
  • Permanent contract
  • Staff canteen (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee break) including free soft drinks and coffee variations / hot chocolate / tea selection throughout the day
  • Accommodation at the staff residence depending on availability
  • Dynamic extension of vacation days
  • Team parties (summer party, Christmas party)
  • Participation in capital accumulation program ('Vermögenswirksame Leistung')
  • „Family & Friends“ rate, Top 250 Hotels special rate
  • Career opportunities – open positions closed through internal promotion if possible
  • Trainings, career management, internal workshops depending on department
  • Staff ideas board – compensation up to € 500.00 per idea
  • Good operational results are awarded with bonus payments
  • Birthday present
  • Discount on internal gastronomic events
  • Discount on private parties and celebrations at the Hotel am Badersee
  • Working at the most picturesque place in Germany
  • Outstanding leisure opportunities in Grainau: experience the Werdenfels tradition and the spirit of the Alps
  • Certified Green Hotel – working at an environment-friendly enterprise

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Hotel am Badersee - Feste Feiern

Our team members tell about their job

↓ Kamil Durdjak, Restaurant Manager

Kamil, how long have you been at the Hotel am Badersee?

I started in October, 2016.

What did you do before you joined?

I completed my training as a restaurant professional from 1995 to 1998 and then worked as a Chef de Rang at a guesthouse in Grainau for 18 years. After the restaurant was closed, my friends that worked at the Hotel am Badersee recommended me to apply for a position there. I sent my applications to many hotels of course, but the offer of the Hotel am Badersee was by far the best and I'm still happy about my decision.

You were promoted for the Restaurant Manager position in September 2019. How did you feel about that?

At the beginning it was not easy, as I had to change my role from a team member to a manager, which means more responsibility. However, the team accepted me as their new boss and I gradually got accustomed to my role. It would be my recommendation to any team member, to have the courage to apply, when a higher position opens internally.

For you management was a new area of responsibility. To which extent were you supported by the company management?

I had lots of support. The door in our CEO's office is open at all times, every time I need help he is there to advise. This way I feel I'm not alone.

How do you like your job?

Great. I'm very enthusiastic about it and I didn't regret a single day that I am here.

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↓ Polina Peskovsky, Sales & Marketing

How long have you been at the Hotel am Badersee and how did you learn about the hotel?

Previously I worked in Munich and had to commute by train 4 hours a day - 1000 kilometers per week. That was not easy. One day I thought that a job here in Garmisch would be a better fit for me. I checked the market and discovered an online job posting from the Hotel am Badersee. My boyfriend who comes from this region said he could recommend the company in every respect. I applied, and since March 2018 I am responsible for online sales and marketing at the Hotel am Badersee, as well as our sister hotel ABG Conference Centre.

What did you do before you joined the Hotel am Badersee?

I was born in Moscow. I studied linguistics and public relations in Russia, in parallel I was a language teacher and also worked as a copywriter and translator. A short time after my graduation a friend of mine invited me to work as a marketing manager at a Russian IT systems integrator company. After that I worked for international IT companies for over 15 years - as a marketing manager, PR director, in sales, business development, partner channel management and in product management. It was an exciting time full of travel and challenges of any kind, however, very stressful as well, which led me to realize one day that I wanted to end my career. After I moved to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, it was an excellent opportunity to reduce stress at work - so to say, to 'downshift'.

What is your area of responsibility?

I'm primarily responsible for both hotel websites and external online portals, as well as for the social media. In fact, my responsibilities are very versatile, those include copywriting and storytelling in German and English language, building new webpages, regular checks and seasonal updates of all websites, online campaign management etc. I work to improve the search engine rankings of our webpages (SEO), produce statistics and analysis of our online performance, process images and videos and write press release materials. My favourite is the Badersee Blog, it's just a great addition to our hotel concept: the unique nature experience and all you can enjoy here in Grainau under the title 'A perfect day in Grainau' and much more.

What do you like about the hotel and about your job in general?

I fell in love with Lake Badersee at first sight already, when I first came here. It's a great pleasure to go a small round on the lake shore during the lunch break. The best about my job is that I can combine work with leisure and mountaineering - it's a great deal when you can go home at 5.30 pm instead of 8 pm. In fine weather I often go from Oberau to Grainau and back by bike, the way back is naturally more pleasant as you descend 150 m along the 20 kilometers' route. In summer you can go climbing, hiking or paddling on the Loisach after work. At the office I love the friendly, stress-free atmosphere and teamwork in our department. Here I can suggest new ideas and put them into practice, my boss advocates creativity. Also, in online marketing you can quickly see the results of your work, especially on our website of in social media - this lets you track your success on a regular basis. We run sales workshops at least once a year and go out to celebrate with our team. 

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Open Positions at the Hotel am Badersee

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Hotel am Badersee - Feste Feiern

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