How it all started

badersee feste feiern

Hospitality is a long tradition at the Hotel am Badersee dating back to 1871.

170 years ago the cornerstone for the Hotel am Badersee was laid. Up to these days the hotel has developed in every respect and has been able to adapt to the new realities.

Hotel am Badersee - Feste Feiern

Foundation at Lake Badersee

In 1871 the chaplain of Grainau acquired Lake Badersee and set up a small house with a gastronomy and a viewing platform. Even the Bavarian King Ludwig II visited the location together with his mother Marie, Queen of Bavaria. However, the king decided that a clergyman could not run a restauration, therefore in 1877 the establishment got a new owner that extended the facility. Soon many artists and poets found their way to Lake Badersee and left their mark in the guest books. Numerous celebrations took place, and the lake established itself as a destination. The king left a nymph in the Badersee, that our guests can still observe from a boat in the deep part of the lake these days. This is our famous Badersee Nymph.

Hotel am Badersee - Feste Feiern

Evolution of the Hotel

The establishment was transformed into a corporation (‚AG‘ in German) and the first hotel was built in 1894. After the owner change in 1912, the new owner managed the old Hotel am Badersee till 1974. Then the Bavarian Association of Co-operative Banks (‚Bayerische Raiffeisenverband‘) purchased the hotel to transform it into a training centre. The hotel building was extended in the course of a huge reconstruction.

Hotel am Badersee - Feste Feiern

Modern Times

In 1996 the old Lake House (‚Seehaus‘) was destroyed and the present-day Seehaus with 52 large rooms and event spaces, as well as the Werdenfels Restaurant, was built on the same spot. The hotel was then made open to public and awarded a 4-star rating late in 2010. Next, the old Forest House (‚Waldhaus‘) was completely reconstructed in 2012 and became home to the 87 modern Landhaus rooms, the beautiful Landhaus Spa, the evening bar and the conference atrium with numerous meeting spaces.

Hotel am Badersee - Feste Feiern

Guests from All Over the World

Our guests come from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful scenery and outstanding hospitality at the Hotel am Badersee, no matter if they are on holiday, visiting an event or celebration, or for business reasons. Every year over 45,000 guests from Bavaria and other German states, as well as international guests stay at our hotel - including other continents and exotic lands like Coconut Islands!

Hotel am Badersee - Feste Feiern

In Harmony with the Nature

The same way as we take care of our guests, we at the Hotel am Badersee engage to protect our nature, that takes our breath away again and again – come and take a look from our ‚Wintergarten‘ conservatory or from the terrace! As a Certified Green Hotel, we proclaim sustainability as our basic principle for our gastronomy as well. We work with regional suppliers and use selected products, often from our own production, in the kitchen process. This is an important reason why our kitchen and the offers of our Werdenfels Restaurant enjoy an excellent market reputation.