Restaurant Werdenfels - Menu

asparagus menu for aperitif Limoncello sprizz with fresh basil and Prosecco 6,00 € soups asparagus broth with fresh herbs (j) 4,80 € cremesoup of asparagus with buttered croutons (1,7,j,g) 5,20 € starters carpaccio of asparagus with Parma ham on rucola salad in lemon-honey-balsamic vinegar with Parmesan, baguette and butter (g,c,j,1,10) 9,80 € portion of green and white asparagus with smoked salmon, boiled egg, leaf salad and cherry tomatoes in herb vinaigrette, baguette and butter (g,c,3,1,4) 12,50 € main courses portion of fresh German asparagus with sauce hollandaise or melted butter, and parsley potatoes (c,g,3) 17,50 € to choose on request: portion of boiled ham (g) 6,80 € portion of original Black Forest ham (f,g) 6,80 € breaded, baked escalope of veal (g,c,1,3) 9,80 € roasted filet of char (g,4,1) 9,80 € filet of pork from the grill 9,50 € tranche of Norwegian Fjord salmon (g,4) 9,70 € tournedos of filet of beef with béarnaise sauce (gj,3,c) 12,50 € sweets cocos-lemon grass Pannacotta with fresh strawberries (gj,8) 7,20 € our wine suggestions 2016er Silvaner Eschendorfer Lump Kabinett – trocken Winzergemeinschaft Franken e.G. 0,25 l 7,80€ 0,1 l 4,00€