COVID-19 Compliance: Safety & Hygiene

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Safety & hygiene for your stay at the Hotel am Badersee

Dear guest,

We would be happy to welcome you at the Hotel am Badersee - thank you for your booking despite the current restrictions!

After COVID-19 entered our life in 2020, the security and hygiene regulations have become routine. Now the government has extended the list with new regulations, that will make your holiday an outstanding experience once again. We as team will do our best to arrange your stay in the most comfortable way.

The following security and hygiene regulations are currently valid at the Hotel am Badersee and in Garmisch-Partenkirchen area.

Updated on 18.01.2022


  • Due to the high COVID-19 infection rates, Garmisch-Partenkirchen area is subject to the ‚2G rule‘: Hotel stay is only possible for fully vaccinated or recovered individuals, with an exception for children and schoolchildern up to 18 years of age. Children older than 6 years of age are requested to present a negative PCR test when they arrive, as well as every 72 hours for longer staysAnother exception is for the guests that cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons: they should present a medical certificate from their doctor in original, along with a negative PCR test (to be refreshed every 72 hours for longer stays).
  • What is meant by ‚vaccinated‘ in Bavaria: From day 15 after you received the last necessary shot (with a vaccine recommended in the EU: AstraZeneca, Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson&Johnson) you are considered completely vaccinated, unless you show typical COVID-19 symptoms or new infection has been detected. For Biontech, AstraZeneca and Moderna you need two shots, for the Johnson&Johnson vaccine only one. You should be able to provide evidence of vaccination – either with an EU vaccination passport, a classical vaccination passport or with a vaccination certificate from your doctor.
  • What is meant by ‚recovered‘ in Bavaria: A positive PCR test that is at least 28 days old, but not older than 90 days, is a sufficient confirmation. According to the Health Ministry, an order of quarantine for diseased person from a local health department in combination with a negative PCR test after quarantine completion is a sufficient confirmation as well.
  • What is meant by ‚booster status‘: immediately after the 3rd vaccination one is considered boosted. In addition, you are considered boosted if you have recovered from a corona infection after being already vaccinated twice. Here the additional proof oft he positive PCR test result is mandatory. In the case of recovered-vaccinated-vaccinated, one is considered as vaccinated with booster ifo ne has received the first vaccination at least 3 months after the illness and the second vaccination three months later. In the case of vaccinated-recovered-vaccinated, one is considered boosted after an infection with COVID 19 was stated at least 4 weeks after the first vaccination and one has received a second vaccination.
    SPECIAL REGULATION FOR JOHNSON&JOHNSON in Bavaria: In Bavaria, the ‚booster status‘ with an Johnson&Johnson vaccine is only given with two further vaccionations with an mRNA vaccine (Biontech or Moderna).
  • With the proof of „booster status“, an additional test for private events under 2G Plus is not required.
  • Along their COVID-19 status, all individuals are requested to present their ID.
  • Recovered and vaccinated individuals should be free from typical COVID-19 symptoms or a new SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • Face masks are required in all public areas at the hotel. Only FFP2 masks are allowed!
  • Guests from abroad: Please check the current entry requirements in Bavaria, possible quarantine regulations, as well as registration for visitors from abroad, and take care of the necessary documentation for our front office.
  • Meeting and private events are allowed: see below.


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Hygiene Concept

In cooperation with our partner OPTIMA, we have developed a comprehensive hygiene concept. Its goal is to integrate measures for maximum protection of our guests and team members into our daily business routine. The key point is to avoid droplet and smear infections at any point inside the hotel campus. The Hotel am Badersee now meets every requirement of OPTIMA hygiene standard. 

Download certificate


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The arrival day is there at last - the beginning of a long-awaited holiday, private or business event. Please take the required documents with you. On arrival you should be free from COVID-19 symptoms or a new infection. Should this not be the case, please stay at home and inform us about your circumstances by phone or e-mail in order to postpone or cancel your stay.

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For a quick check in, please bring a hard copy of your confirmation documents with you (see above) for our files.

On arrival, please keep you FFP2 mask ready, so you can start using it directly from the hotel doorstep. Naturally, you can purchase FFP2 masks at the reception, in case you cannot access your own one quickly.

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Check In

The check in will no longer be that personal as usual, as we would greet you from behind a plexiglass pane this time. Should there be other guests checking in before you, please mind the distance marks on the floor while you are waiting. Please keep the following documents ready for check in, if possible please bring a hard copy for our files:

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  1. Vaccinated individuals: Your vaccination passport should contain confirmation of vaccination against COVID-19 (2 shots for AstraZeneca, Biontech/Pfizer, or Moderna; 1 shot for Johnson & Johnson), alternatively please bring a vaccination certificate from your doctor.
  2. Recovered individuals: A positive PCR test that is at least 28 days old, but not older than 90 days, or an order of quarantine for diseased person from the local health department in combination with a negative PCR test after quarantine completion.
  3. Individuals exempt from vaccination regulations: Written certificate from your doctor (in original) and a negative PCR test that has to be refreshed every 72 hours.
  4. Children and schoolchildren up to 18 years of age: children older than 6 should present a negative PCR test that has to be refreshed every 72 hours.

Recovered and vaccinated individuals should be free from typical COVID-19 symptoms or a new SARS-CoV-2 infection. Should this not be the case, they should contact the local health authorities.

Anyway, we hope your documents are okay. You will then get your key card and the necessary information on your stay at the hotel, primarily the safety and hygiene regulations.

In addition, our employees would ask you if you would like to opt for a volunatary cancellation of your daily room cleaning during your stay. We value your privacy and you will be the only person to enter your room during your stay. By cancelling the housekeeping, you would contribute to our efforts to protect the environment as part of the Certified Green Hotel status, that sets a high standard for sustainability and minimizing the environmental footprint. Less housekeeping means less plastic waste (one way gloves, trash bags), less detergents, as well as lower water and electric power consumption.

Also, by supporting the initiative you automatically become a contributor to the local Bergwacht - a volunteer organisation for mountain rescue and environment preservation in Grainau. Savings from our initiative will be donated to the Bergwacht at the end of the year.

Please wear your FFP2 mask on the way to your room, until you have closed the door behind you.

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Confirming Your COVID-19 Status During Longer Stay

Long-stay visitors that are exempt from the COVID-19 vaccination regulation, as well as children older than 6 years of age, should refresh their negative PCR test result every 72 hours..

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Our reception team will mark this in your profile and will remind you, unless you update your (negative) test in time.

PCR tests are for professional use and should therefore be performed by medical specialists or similar specialists with appropriate training. Those are available at local test centers, by local doctors, pharmacies, and in public health centers. PCR tests can be made in a public testing procedure by a doctor or at a local test center. Please make your test appointment in advance. Below you would find a list of test stations in Garmisch-Partenkirchen area (link in German):

Show list

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In The Room

Your guest room has been thoroughly desinfected and aired before your arrival.

Our usual A-Z Info Map is now available here for download in digital form as well. Take advantage of the Info Map to get useful on-site information, from local pharmacy to pillow selection or Zugspitze weather forecast.


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Room cleaning

Due to the current safety and hygiene regulations, the use of plastic in room cleaning has increased drastically. Our housekeeping employees are obliged to use new one-way gloves for every room they clean. With 134 rooms, that would mean 268 plastic gloves that get disposed in the garbage container daily.

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Additionally we have to use desinfection agents, although the room had already been cleaned. You can decide for yourself, whether cleaning is needed daily during your whole stay, as you are the only person to enter this room, in case you would cancel the daily housekeeping. Our rooms get thoroughly cleaned and desinfected before the guests arrive and after departure. Of course we are there to provide occasional cleaning for longer stays.

By cancelling your daily room cleaning, you automatically donate to the local Bergwacht, that does a fantastic job here in Grainau for all of us.

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According to the current regulation, only one person can use the elevator, unless you belong to the same household and live in the same room. Our hotel has only 3 floors and we are in a region that is known for its ourdoor activities. Let the elevator be used by ladies and gentlemen that are no longer so fit as you are. Use the stairs. By walking upstairs for 15 minutes you burn around 150-225 calories and train your muscles for the upcoming mountain tours.


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Corridors & Halls

We have transformed our corridors and halls into a road grid with one-way lanes and bypass routes, so that our guests get as few as possible oncoming traffic - or at least meet it at maximum distance. A navigation system guides you through the hotel campus. Regard it as a fitness track or an exploration parcour. If you have a pedometer, you can measure the calories burnt, or just discover new ways through the hotel. And no worries, you won't need a navigation device. By the way, a FFP2 mask is required in corridors and other public spaces, as long as other guests are there.


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Restaurant & Opening Times

'Eat well, all well', says the German proverb. Our daily changing buffets offer a selection of delicacies, be it breakfast or dinner time. You can help yourself and serve the food on your plate, however, please wear a FFP2 mask at any time as long as you are not seated.

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Opening hours at the Werdenfels Restaurant:

07:00 am – 10:00 am

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm (Snack Menu till 6 pm)

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm (drinks served till 10 pm)

Depending on occupancy, on most days we offer a delicious lunch buffet. From noon to dinner time you can take advantage of our snack menu as well, with exquisite culinary delights, cakes and ice cream. 

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Public Lavatories

All guests should wear a face mask in the public lavatories, until you are inside the cabin. Beside the soap dispenser, we now provide hand desinfectant. Please mind the minimal distance of 1.5 m.

Should there be other guests at the lavatory entrance, you can check if the other toilets are free. Use the bathroom up in your guest room - no one is queueing there. 


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Information & Brochures

Due to hygiene restrictions, we had to minimize the brochures, maps, infos and flyers at the 'Info-Theke' in our lobby. No worries - you can get them anytime at the reception desk. Our front office team provides the material you need.

This step has positive consequences as well: you can chat with our colleagues and get valuable tips regarding hikes, tours or hidden destinations in the neighborhood. Our team members are very active in their free time, so they can be a great source of information.


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Our Landhaus Spa is now open, except for a few small limitations. You can use our fitness room, as well as the Finnish sauna and the bio-sauna. You can also book a personalized massage treatment. With the current regulation, the maximum capacity of the Landhaus Spa is 20 people.

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Massage appointments are not included in this number, unless you are intending to use the spa area afterwards. The Finnish sauna allows for max. 5 people witha 1.5 m distance, and the bio-sauna max. 3 people. Please keep the 1.5 m distance on the loungers as well. The fitness room can be used by max. 5 people. Please wear your mask while moving around. You can take off the mask when seated, in the saunas and in the fitness room. Unfortunately, we still have to keep the following areas closed for hygienic reasons: the infrared cabins, the ice grotto (snowroom), the quiet area upstairs, and the terrace. Also, we are currently not able to offer any drinks or fruit in the spa. Please be informed that the whole Landhaus is currently closed for renovation, so the view from the spa is disturbed by the scaffolding, and your stay may be disturbed by the noise.

To use the sauna area as a guest, please register at the reception desk to get a key card. The sauna area is available on a first come, first serve basis. However, we kindly ask you to think of the others and limit the time you spend in the sauna to let other guests use the sauna as well.

As long as the Zugspitz Spa in Grainau is open, each guests receives a voucher for free entry as a small compensation from us. You can still use the natural spa: the Zugspitze region with its forests, lakes and sunny spots with amazing views. Outdoors you can arrange your own fitness room to train your muscles or endurance. Change from the indoor sauna to an 'outdoor sauna'. Here's how it works: look for a nice sunny spot and enjoy sunbathing. Take care to get sufficient sun protection on your skin. Just try it out!

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Our Talstation evening bar is temporarily closed due to government regulations. Stay at our cosy Werdenfels Restaurant for a closing drink. And to be honest, one simply needs a drink in these difficult times - for your mental well-being.

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Meetings & Events

Meetings and private events are allowed. Meeting participants are requested to wear a FFP2 mask while seated in the event that a minimum distance of 1.5 m is not given. The mask can be removed when drinks are being consumed at the seat. Please wear a FFP2 mask when you leave your workplace and move inside the hotel campus. All business meeting participants are requested to present a confirmation of vaccination or recovery on arrival (or a PCR test and certificate from your doctor confirming exemption from vaccination).

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Indoor private events (weddings, birthday parties etc.) are possible as well. For information on the current safety regulations, please contact our MICE team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please note that safety regulations change constantly, therefore we can only give you an update on current valid regulations. 

For overnight stay guests are requested to provide a confirmation of vaccination or recovery (for children older than 6 years of age a negative PCR test is required, and for individuals exempted from vaccination a negative PCR test and certificate from your doctor confirming the exemption). This applies to guests in day events as well. Our banquet team will inform you accordingly.

For business meetings, please check Corona Compliance for Your Event for additional infos.

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That day will come anyway, the departure day. We hope you had a great holiday at our hotel, and we would be happy to welcome you again.

One thing is certain: you won't forget this holiday that soon – especially after you, as a healthy person, have had to undergo all these complex regulations just to enjoy your personal freedom. We are very grateful to you and other guests that respected our local COVID-19 regulations. So let us thank you once again for that.!

In the end our reception desk will say goodbye from behind their plexiglass pane. You will put your keycard in the wooden bowl and settle the invoice. And we thank you again for being here despite all the restrictions.


Should you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 policy, please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call.

Many thanks for your understanding and see you soon!

Your Hotel am Badersee Team