COVID-19 Compliance: Safety & Hygiene

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Safety & hygiene for your stay at the Hotel am Badersee

Dear guest,

We would be happy to welcome you at the Hotel am Badersee - thank you for your booking despite the current restrictions!

Your stay will be an outstanding experience this time, due to the safety and hygiene regulations in force. Despite those regulations, we as team will do our best to arrange your stay in the most comfortable way.

Most of the safety and hygiene measures below are standard and for many of you almost a 'habit'. However, for you to prepare your trip the right way, we will inform you here in detail regarding the regulations in the German hotel industry at this time. 

Also, please get informed regarding the renovation in the Landhaus, that takes place from 06.04.2021 till 30.08.2021.

COVID-19 UPDATE 22.10.2020

Following the decision of the German Federal Government from 28.10.2020, we are regrettably requested to close our hotel from 02.11.2020 until further notice. Our reservations team will be available for your information requests and bookings at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +49 (0) 8821 8210 during the closing period. You can reach our event management team as well during business hours Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm CET.

We wish you, your family and friends, as well as your employees and colleagues to stay healthy.

Your Hotel am Badersee Team

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Hygiene Concept

In cooperation with our partner OPTIMA, we have developed a comprehensive hygiene concept. Its goal is to integrate measures for maximum protection of our guests and team members into our daily business routine. The key point is to avoid droplet and smear infections at any point inside the hotel campus. The Hotel am Badersee now meets every requirement of OPTIMA hygiene standard. 

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The arrival day is there at last - the beginning of a long-awaited holiday, private or business event. But exactly on that day you feel sick and detect the symptoms of a respiratory infection or fever... 

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In this case we kindly ask you to contact us by phone or email to postpone or cancel your stay. Otherwise please be advised that our staff would - unfortunately - be obliged to prohibit you from entering the hotel. We are very sorry about this - no doubt, it would be a difficult step for our team. However, in the first turn we must think of our guests' and employees' wellbeing.

When needed, our reception team are entitled to use a contactless thermometer.

Please bring your own mouth-and-nose protective mask with you, so you can start using it directly from the hotel doorstep. We offer disposable hotel-branded products to our guests, but please feel free to use your own mask with individual design and personal touch.

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The check-in will no longer be that personal as usual, as we would greet you from behind a plexiglass pane this time. Should there be other guests checking in before you, please mind the distance marks on the floor while you are waiting. Other check-in procedures are as usual. You will get your room keycard and other information on our hotel, especially reagarding the current safety and hygiene measures.

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Our employees are trained to look out for possible COVID-19 symptoms at check-in. In doubt, you will be requested to undergo contactless fever measurement. That would definitely look like in a movie: you would play the patient and our employee will look like a real nurse, as they would wear an FFP2 mask and disposable gloves during the procedure.

You will also be asked if you probably would like to cancel the daily room cleaning during your stay. We respect your privacy and you are the only one who may enter your room during your whole stay. By canceling the room cleaning you can do something good for our environment, especially because we need to meet high sustainability standards as a Certified Green Hotel. By sparing daily cleaning, you help us reduce the amount of disposable plastic (one-way gloves, garbage bags) and save water and energy. Also, by supporting the initiative you automatically become a contributor to the local Bergwacht - a volunteer organisation for mountain rescue and environment preservation in Grainau. Savings from our initiative will be donated to the Bergwacht at the end of the year. 

Please wear your face mask on the way to your room, until you have closed the door behind you.

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In The Room

Your guest room has been thoroughly desinfected and aired before your arrival. For hygienic reasons, we had to take away some objects that cannot be washed or desinfected - like loose decoration items, magazines, brochures or guest toiletries. If you need something, just let the reception desk know.

For the same reasons, our usual A-Z Info Map is now available for download in digital form here. Take advantage of the Info Map to get useful on-site information, from local pharmacy to pillow selection or Zugspitze weather forecast.


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Room cleaning

Due to the current safety and hygiene regulations, the use of plastic in room cleaning has increased drastically. Our housekeeping employees are obliged to use new one-way gloves for every room they clean. With 134 rooms, that would mean 268 plastic gloves that get disposed in the garbage container daily.

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Additionally we have to use desinfection agents, although the room had already been cleaned. You can decide for yourself, whether cleaning is needed daily during your whole stay, as you are the only person to enter this room, in case you would cancel the daily housekeeping. Our rooms get thoroughly cleaned and desinfected before the guests arrive and after departure. Of course we are there to provide occasional cleaning for longer stays.

By cancelling your daily room cleaning, you automatically donate to the local Bergwacht, that does a fantastic job here in Grainau for all of us.

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According to the current regulation, only one person can use the elevator, unless you belong to the same household and live in the same room. Our hotel has only 3 floors and we are in a region that is known for its ourdoor activities. Let the elevator be used by ladies and gentlemen that are no longer so fit as you are. Use the stairs. By walking upstairs for 15 minutes you burn around 150-225 calories and train your muscles for the upcoming mountain tours.


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Corridors & Halls

We have transformed our corridors and halls into a road grid with one-way lanes and bypass routes, so that our guests get as few as possible oncoming traffic - or at least meet it at maximum distance. A navigation system guides you through the hotel campus. Regard it as a fitness track or an exploration parcour. If you have a pedometer, you can measure the calories burnt, or just discover new ways through the hotel. And no worries, you won't need a navigation device. By the way, a face mask is required in corridors and other public spaces, as long as other guests are there.


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Restaurant & Opening Times

'Eat well, all well', says the German proverb. As long as our culinary delights are still there in top quality as usual, we can just point out that the tables now follow the 1.5 m distance regulation, our restaurant service team is equipped with face masks, and you are no longer allowed to serve yourself at the buffet, except for individually packaged foods.

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Opening hours at the Werdenfels Restaurant:

07:00 am – 10:00 am

Lunch (only on the days when we run events):
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Our daily changing buffets offer a selection of delicacies, be it breakfast or dinner time. On the days when our kitchen is open during the lunch hours, the buffet will be available as well. You choose what you like, and our kitchen staff serves your choice on your plate. That way, you can chat with our kitchen team and it will be a bit more personal, despite the face mask. And our employees would be happy to serve you again if you come along for a second helping or give feedback on what you tried today.

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Public Lavatories

All guests should wear a face mask in the public lavatories, until you are inside the cabin. Beside the soap dispenser, we now provide hand desinfectant. Please mind the minimal distance of 1.5 m.

Should there be other guests at the lavatory entrance, you can check if the other toilets are free. Use the bathroom up in your guest room - no one is queueing there. 


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Information & Brochures

Due to hygiene restrictions, we had to remove the brochures, maps, infos and flyers from the 'Info-Theke' in our lobby. No worries - you can get them anytime at the reception desk. Our front office team provides the material you need.

This step has positive consequences as well: you can chat with our colleagues and get valuable tips regarding hikes, tours or hidden destinations in the neighborhood. Our team members are very active in their free time, so they can be a great source of information.


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Our Landhaus Spa is now open. You can use our fitness room and enjoy the relaxing massages and wellness treatments again. Please book your treatment in advance. Unfortunately we have to keep the relaxation lounge with its saunas closed, as it is not possible to implement all the measures required by the current government regulations in our small spa. We will update you as soon as the rules change and we feel we are able to meet this challenge. As a small compensation, upon arrival each guest gets a voucher to use the Zugspitz Spa in Grainau free of charge.

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Beside that, you can still use the natural spa: the Zugspitze region with its forests, snow-covered peaks, lakes, and sunny spots with amazing views. Outdoors you can arrange your own fitness room to train your muscles or endurance - be it on a skimo tour, a winter hike or, naturally, on the prepared slopes in a ski area. For deep relaxation, hike through the snowy forest - alternatively, try it with Shinrin Yoku, this would work in winter as well by explicitely percieving each snow flake, feeling it on your skin or listening to the ice crackling on the lakes. There is scientific evidence of multiple positive effects of Shinrin Yoku or just taking a walk outdoors in the fresh air. We can also recommend the 'outdoor sauna' - instead of an indoor sauna. Even in winter you get sun exposure levels in the mountains high enough for your body to get warm. Here's how it works: look for a nice sunny spot. Take care to get sufficient sun protection on your skin. After sunbathing you might want to get cooled by rubbing some snow on your skin. Just try it out.

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Our Talstation evening bar is open for your convenience from 6 pm till midnight.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere over a drink to finish your day. For safety and hygiene reasons, minimal distance is required for bar visitors, that is, some tables are out of use. You are invited to use the tables in the upper atrium area as well. We kindly ask you to respect the same rules here as at the restaurant. You can take off your protection mask after you take a seat at your table. When leaving your seat, please put it on again.

Our bar team are excited to be able to welcome guests again and have a nice chat. And to be honest, one simply needs a drink in these difficult times - for your mental well-being.

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Meetings & Events

We would be happy to welcome you as a meeting participant at our hotel again. At check-in you will receive essential information regarding your event and the regulations in force. By the way, the regulations have changed again, so during seminars you can sit in groups of 10 people at normal distance, keeping a 1.5 m distance to the next group. That means, now you would have one or two neigbours as usual during your meeting.

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Coffee breaks take place in scheduled time slots as usual. Due to the latest changes in the regulations, you can now sit next to the other seminar participants during meals as usual. So table chat is reality again, just like in the good old pre-corona times! However, despite of the larger groups allowed, we kindly ask you to take care and stay alert, as we don’t want to go back to the old distancing measures again.

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That day will come anyway, the departure day. We hope you had a great holiday at our hotel, and we would be happy to welcome you again.

One thing is certain: you won't forget this holiday that soon - probably you would even tell your grandchildren about the holidays in the times of coronavirus. You were brave and managed to meet all the requirements. We thank you once again for that.

In the end our reception desk will say goodbye from behind their plexiglass pane. You will put your keycard in the box and settle the invoice. And we thank you again for being here despite all the restrictions.


Should you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 policy, please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call.

Many thanks for your understanding and see you soon!

Your Hotel am Badersee Team